Facebook Friends List Privacy Setting

Clear, Patient, Expert Instruction at your Location.Here's a way to protect your friends list i.e. not having your friends get fake invitations: For Windows Users
1) Log into facebook, then click on your name on the left side of the screen
2) Click on Friends in the white center of the upper 1/3 of the screen
3) Click on the pencil at the right side of the Friends area
4) Click on edit privacy
5) Change the settings on who can see your friend list and who can see the people, pages and lists you follow.
6) Click on Done to save your changes.
Hope this is helpful. 

How to create a group in Gmail (2014)

To create a group

  1. Click on contacts in gmail
  2. Click on the check box in front of the people you want in the group

If the group exists

  1. Click on groups at the top of the list of contacts it looks like several people
  2. Then click on the group you want them in… (such as test group)

If the group doesn’t exist

  1. Click on groups
  2. Click on Create new
  3. Type in the name of the new group
  4. Then click on ok when your contacts have been assigned to a group
  • You will see in green what group they belong to